LearnSigns 007: Spelling Practice

This is a list of words which have common letter combinations. I pulled some words from a longer list of words you can use to practice your spelling with. Try to notice common letter combinations and use them to your advantage for both spelling and reading spelling. The more words you practice the easier different letter combinations will become for you.

Remember to spell words as if they were whole words and not individual letters. Refer back to lesson 2 for the rules on spelling if you are still having trouble understanding the concepts of fingerspelling.

The words in this lesson that I had you read or spell:

  • Blab
  • Black
  • Brad
  • Brave
  • Chain
  • Chair
  • Clam
  • Class
  • Flag
  • Place
  • Plate
  • Grass
  • Grid
  • Shrank
  • Shrill
  • Spray
  • Spring
  • Education
  • Dictionary
  • Absolution

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