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LearnSigns 34: Vehicles

Sitting at a roundabout in Mexico teaching sign language. How fun! Vocabulary learned in this lesson: Car Truck Bus Train Plane Boat Ship Taxi If you like the outdoor locations, let me know. I have a few more weeks in the big city of Merida, Mexico and can try to think of other vocabulary lists […]

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LearnSigns 30: Colors

These are common colors in American Sign Language. Not all the colors known to man are included because not all the colors have a sign. But the basic ones do and you will learn them in this video. Colors learned in this lesson: Color Blue Green Yellow Purple Red Pink Gold Silver Black Brown Tan […]

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LearnSigns 23: Professions

A short list of jobs or professions. Many can be done with the sign for the verb a person does and then add the person ending to the sign. Vocabulary taught in this lesson: Job, Work Doctor Nurse President Boss / Coach Judge Police Lawyer Soldier (Army / Military) Teacher Preacher Mechanic / Plumber Interpreter […]

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LearnSigns 17: Thanksgiving Foods

Here is a list of foods you might need for your big Thanksgiving meal this week! Of course, one of the most effective ways to get the food you want is to point. But since your mother taught you not to point and she will also be at the meal with you, it is best […]

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LearnSigns 010: Feelings

These are signs dealing with feelings or emotions. Feelings Feel Happy Sad Mad Angry Like Don’t like Hate Awful Want Don’t want Love I love you Cry Touch Excited Afraid, Scared Sorry Good Bad The video above is captioned for those needing captioning. Be sure to click on the [CC] logo on the video player […]

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LearnSigns 009: School

These are words related to learning and education; therefore, I entitled the lesson School. However, it isn’t as much about the place as it is about the activities done in school while learning. Here is the main vocabulary covered in this lesson: School Learn Study Understand Misunderstand Confused Think, Thought Know Remember Forget Mean, Meaning, […]

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