Sign Language Alphabet – ASL

Image of the ABCs in ASL hand signsThere are tons of great resources on the web for learning the alphabet. Because it is only 26 images, it makes it easy to create a single sheet handout for sign language classes. Listed below are few suggestions for getting started.

If you need to print one of these to help you study, then choose one with the line drawing of the letters. Also, you can grab the Gallaudet font so that you can make your own study sheet. Plus the font is fun to use in many other projects!

By david

Missionary working with the Deaf. Started learning sign language in 1988 and have spent much of my ministry training others in how to minister to the Deaf through local church ministries.

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I started watching your videos on my Roku today. Came here to check out the worksheets. Had a bit of trouble finding them, but perseverance won out. Thank you for providing these lessons. I’m just starting but I do volunteer work and every small bit of knowledge I can gain to help people is a blessing.

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