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LearnSigns 008: Time

Learning about time. Time What time is it? Day Week Month Year Morning Noon Afternoon Night All day All night Now Today Tomorrow Yesterday Future Past/Before Please click the Closed Captioned [CC] button in the video player if you need captions.

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LearnSigns 007: Spelling Practice

This is a list of words which have common letter combinations. I pulled some words from a longer list of words you can use to practice your spelling with. Try to notice common letter combinations and use them to your advantage for both spelling and reading spelling. The more words you practice the easier different […]

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LearnSigns 004: Greetings

Vocabulary Taught in This Lesson: Hello My name is… My sign name is… What’s your name? How are you? Fine Nice to meet you Where are you from? Please Thank you Excuse me/Pardon me Sorry Yes No Bye You can view the closed captions if needed by clicking on the Closed Caption [CC] logo on […]

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