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Usage: Why

Why can be a question or a statement. If it is a question then it is signed like you would naturally think of the word why (touch your forehead with fingertips of the dominant hand and pull out to a y). However, when used as a statement it should be signed like reason (the sign for think or think with an R).

Question: “Why did you eat that?” That is a basic question and the word would be signed like normal.

Statement: “Helping others is why we are here.” Think about this statement like this: “Helping others is the purpose or reason we are here.”

Statement: “Do you know why we are here?” Here the word why is not used as a question (the question word is do). The word why is again used as a statement. This sentence could be signed: “Do you know the reason we are here?”

Many of the question words can also be used as statements. They have a different sign when used this way.

By david

Missionary working with the Deaf. Started learning sign language in 1988 and have spent much of my ministry training others in how to minister to the Deaf through local church ministries.

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