LearnSigns 001: The Alphabet

Learning the ASL alphabet is the beginning of learning to sign.

Printable alphabet pages and other fingerspelling resources are available.

You can view the closed captions if needed by clicking on the Closed Caption [CC] logo on the video player above.

View the episode transcript.

By david

Missionary working with the Deaf. Started learning sign language in 1988 and have spent much of my ministry training others in how to minister to the Deaf through local church ministries.

2 replies on “LearnSigns 001: The Alphabet”

Thank you so much for these instructional videos. I’ve decided to teach myself sign language. I was very anxious at first about it but I found your site and I feel a lot better knowing this is available to people like me.

Thank you, Fanti.

I really like how you approach these lessons. I am reviewing the videos again. Much appreciated.

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