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LearnSigns 31: House Keeping

While this episode is about cleaning your house, it is also about taking care of some information I need to tell you about an upcoming book. First the vocabulary. New words learned in this lesson: Clean /Nice / Wash Wash Plate Cup Wash Clothes / Washing Machine Sweep Vacuum Garbage / Trash Concerning the new […]

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Book: Learning Sign Language

Purchase┬áLearning Sign Language Amazon Kindle Store B&N Nook Bookstore Kobo Bookstore Contents Of course the book is about learning sign language. However, it isn’t a list of vocabulary and a bunch of pictures. There are many great sign language dictionaries that you can find and use. My book is a book full of tips and […]

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LearnSigns 30: Colors

These are common colors in American Sign Language. Not all the colors known to man are included because not all the colors have a sign. But the basic ones do and you will learn them in this video. Colors learned in this lesson: Color Blue Green Yellow Purple Red Pink Gold Silver Black Brown Tan […]

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LearnSigns 29: Fruits

Fruits, as well as food in general, can be one of those groups of signs which vary widely across the US. In this lesson I give you the signs for common fruits that seem to be somewhat consistent in the way they are signed. However, there are a few fruits that I mention a couple […]

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LearnSigns 28: Superlatives

After I did the whole video calling these superlatives, I did my homework and found out they are called degrees of comparison. Superlatives and comparatives are the two degrees. The comparative compares one item to another, or a group of items. It tells you which one has more of a quality or property in the […]

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LearnSigns 27: Giving Directions

This lesson is about how to give directions. The concept of how to give directions seems to be difficult for many people. Don’t let it discourage you. Remember that the key to giving directions is to give them from your perspective. It is called the signers perspective. Each step should be given as if you […]

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