Learning Sign Language Book #1 at Amazon Hot New Release

Learning Sign Language at Amazon in the Hot New ReleasesMy new book, Learning Sign Language, is #1 in the “Hot New Releases” at Amazon in its category! That’s not like being a #1 best seller yet, but it does give the book more exposure. If you would like to help the exposure more, please leave a review at Amazon and/or the other retailers. You can leave a review of the book at a website even if you did not purchase the book from there.

Learning Sign Language — Now on 3 platforms!

The book is now available at the Nook and Kobo bookstores as well as Amazon. Please continue to let me know if you would like the book in another store.

The book is about 40 pages in length (if it were a printed title). Besides the main text of the book, there are interesting stories of learning sign language in other countries that you will enjoy reading. Please take the time to read more about Learning Sign Language.

Benefits of readingĀ Learning Sign Language

As a student at LearnSigns.com you will still benefit greatly from the lessons in the book. A few of the items we have talked about in the videos, but there are many subjects we have not gotten to yet. One of these sections is about how to read and understand sign language. This is invaluable material for launching out on your own to learn from your deaf friends.

You and your friends, who may be taking other sign language classes, will benefit from the book. Because you watch my videos you have heard me explain fingerspelling. But, I promise, the section on fingerspelling will help improve your friend’s spelling ability. It would be thrilling to learn that they used the information in the book to help their teacher explain fingerspelling in a better way. So many people struggle with it when there is no need to do so. I wished all sign language teachers did a better job of teaching such a basic language skill.

There are practical tips on where you can get free sign language practice on the web. Links included!

Thanks for purchasing and spreading the word about Learning Sign Lanugage!

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