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LearnSigns 23: Professions

A short list of jobs or professions. Many can be done with the sign for the verb a person does and then add the person ending to the sign. Vocabulary taught in this lesson: Job, Work Doctor Nurse President Boss / Coach Judge Police Lawyer Soldier (Army / Military) Teacher Preacher Mechanic / Plumber Interpreter […]

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LearnSigns 22: Ethiopia Photos

I recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia. I was visiting deaf churches and deaf schools. I spent almost 3 weeks in the country visiting some old friends and making new ones. These photos are just a small selection of the people I met and the places I visited. The main language they speak in […]

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LearnSigns 21: Adjectives

This is a list of adjectives. Vocabulary in this lesson: Silly Foolish Wise Smart Sharp (as in a knife) Hard Soft Slow Fast, Quick Ugly Pretty Beautiful Young Old Awake, Surprise, Amaze, Astonish Asleep Other words talked about: Play Run Have, Possess Thank you for continuing to watch the videos. I have gotten some great […]

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LearnSigns 20: More Feelings

This is another list of feelings. You can see lesson 10 for the first list. Words taught in this lesson: Emotion Expression Upset Eager Jealous Lazy Tired Lonely Guilty Embarrassed Confused Other words discussed: King Lord Alone If you would like to watch the video with the captioning, click the Closed Captioning [CC] button in […]

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LearnSigns 19: Holidays

This is a list of major holidays and their signs. As with non-everyday words, there is not a standard way to do most of these signs. Your deaf friends will know this version of these signs even if this is not the way they do them. Have them teach you the preferred way for your […]

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LearnSigns 18: Verb Tenses

Handling verbs in past, present and future is much easier in sign language than in most spoken languages. Most of the time, context will dictate the tense of a verb. If the person is talking about his vacation to the mountains last week then all his verbs are in the past tense. When you tell […]

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