First I want to thank you for taking the time to visit LearnSigns.com. I know there are many different places across the web were you can get great information about sign language. I am trying to provide one more place to be a help to you as a learner of this beautiful language.

I started teaching sign language in 1989. The main place where my wife and I have taught is in independent Baptist churches. We are passionate about helping churches provide the spiritual help necessary to the Deaf in their communities.

Though I have been active on the Internet for several years I never saw a way to add my voice (or signs) to the student community. Until now.

The idea of a sign language podcast came to mind. It seems like a great opportunity to teach sign language without having to be present with the students.

This is not intended to be a stiff course where you plow from one lesson to the next. While there are some videos that are a continuous series of lessons, most will be topical in nature. I interject my own personality and teaching style as I teach very basic to advanced topics in sign language.

Please feel free to ask questions and help us build a community around learning to sign. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but together we can figure out how best to tackle the language situations that arise.